Polychromatic Panoply Sales "Fine Print"

They are lengthy, but need to be typed. If you've been ordering with me for the past couple of years, then nothing has changed on this practice. I still recommend you re-familiarize yourselves though. :) We'll keep these up the length of any open orders so that you can always come and look back at them.

This means you are placing an order before production has begun. This helps with the large up front costs involved with casting. Unless you specifiy you want to pay in full now, you will only be billed the deposit until your piece is ready to ship or is just about to ship. Usually we can begin shipping these within a month or two of orders being taken. However if you are at the end of a long line of orders, please keep in mind it may be a wait before
we can fullfill.

BALANCE PAYMENT: With the new form heading straight to Paypal for your first payment, you'll only see an invoice from us for your balance payments. You do not need a Paypal account to pay the invoice, though you are certainly welcome to use yours if you have it. Credit cards happily accepted!

Balance in full will be billed close to your product(s)' shipping time or when your product is actually ready to ship. IMPORTANT: These invoices are DUE ON RECEIPT.  And here's my tough-but-important talk for you, which I hate but is always necessary: Due on receipt means due on receipt. Not a week later. Not go sell your piece(s) so you can try to afford this one. Not go try to sell this horse to make a big profit when you don’t technically own it yet and let the artist hang and deny her her profit that is allowing you to make yours in the first place. Am I getting my point across? I’m not going to have Josie hound people for payment because I shouldn’t and don’t have to. Silence will only get your order canceled sooner. If you have not paid or communicated within 48 hours of invoice receipt, we will cancel your invoice with or without notice. If you are, for example, a day away from payday, then LET US KNOW and I can promise you it’ll be fine. I know I’ve just sounded gangster about payments, but we’re really quite friendly if you just *communicate* with us. Silence will only get your order canceled. By the way, we can see when invoices have been viewed. We understand people aren't at their computers all day long. This is completely different from the situations previously mentioned. Also, as a courtesy, if you know you aren’t going to be able to pay for the piece at the time your invoice is made, please don’t make me wait 48 hours to cancel the invoice before you tell me as much. 

Now that the most grim part of this is out of the way, here are the rest of the points:

The order of shipment is determined by payment date, not order form submittal date. So, you can possibly bump yourself up the line with a pay in full earlier. If you choose to pay your balance off earlier than due, email Josie for your invoice. Loose manual payments floating in the account tend to go unnoticed and get lost. Not to mention we have no idea what they're for!

Please note there may be a wait as we get through casting orders. A payment in full does not gauranty you a "first in line" spot. It just depends how many orders I have to process. Also, for those making early balance pay-off's, this won’t necessarily mean your horse will ship right away. Again, it will all depend on our stock situation as we play catch-up to orders.

Multiple orders are fine (as in orders placed at different times). Please note they will ship as seperate orders as well.

If you move, please inform Josie so she can update your address in our file. We will try to confirm shipping if a good amount of time has passed, but it is your responsibility to keep us appraised of your current information.

If you pre-sell your order before receiving it (example: an artist selling a custom order package with the piece, etc), you still bear all liability as my customer for your order and any of my decision that affect that order.

Drop shipment to an artist or prepper is fine. Please send their email address along with their shipping address so we can make sure everyone is alerted at time of shipment. Also, it’s important to note that we don’t guaranty your horse will ship in time for your slot with an artist. You’ll want a backup horse ready to send them if yours is/are still in line
for production. 

I am an artist, not a financial advisor. These two jobs are about as opposite as you can get and should never be confused. XD Please do not send emails asking “when you should start saving your money.” Your money is your business. I can tell you, if you’ve ordered a piece, then ideally you've set the money aside from the get go and then you don’t have to
worry about it. :)

Questions? Email Josie! info@aspenleafstudiosllc.com




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