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By placing an order, you are stating that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of the sale as stated on my
policy pages.

*I will NOT sell to minors without a parent or authorized guardian's signature.

Payment methods:

PayPal (credit cards okay!) is the preferred form of payment, though I will accept personal checks and money orders. Please note that orders will not ship until echecks and bank deposits have cleared. Please note if paying with Paypal that I will only ship to the shipping address on the account.


An initial payment is due within seven days of the sale if by check, three days if by Paypal. If not received in that time, I reserve the right to re-sell the piece to another party. Late payment constitutes a default.  Defaults will result in an order cancellation and risk exclusion from future sales. All deposits are non-refundable

The deposit holds your piece for the agreed duration of time payments. If you have not made payments on your resin or contacted me to make other arrangements after the deposit is made, and the time is up, your resin may be sold to the next person and you will lose your deposit.

Time Payments:

On specified pieces, I will accept "time payments". These are specifically stated terms before time of sale. Deposits given after time payment terms have been stated constitutes the buyer has agreed to them and will honor them. Payments more than seven days late of the agreed upon deadlines without having a new arrangement with me in place is grounds for default. It is your responsibility to remember these deadlines - I will not remind you or pester you. If you default, NO REFUNDS will be given of any monies you have paid towards your piece and it may be sold to another person. 

Return Policy:

All sales are final. Refunds will be issued upon request if an unreasonable amount of time has gone by and you are tired of waiting for your product. I try to give as best a time estimate on things as I can, but things out of my control do affect that time line and it can change at any moment.

- After you receive your piece you have 1 week (7 days) to inspect it and contact me if you think there is a problem. If the piece is warped, sticky (bad batch from Smooth On) or has some serious issue that compromises the integrity of the resin that occurred during production I will either replace it (if possible) or issue a refund after the resin is returned to me.

- If the resin was broken during shipping I will file an insurance claim with the carrier. Unforunately for international orders, insurance is not an option as USPS does not insure the horse once it has left US soil.  

Please understand that a resin can go sticky at ANY TIME... from the day after being cast to years after being cast. There is just no way of knowing or predicting what resins will present a problem in the future. 

If you want a guarantee that your horse will last forever or it will be replaced -- I strongly suggest that you go down and buy insurance on your resins... Or do not buy resins any longer. I cannot give you a promise that this resin will last forever or that it will not go sticky at some later date. I am not the chemist that designed it or supplier of the raw materials that resin is made up of. Nor can I afford to be your insurance company. I will promise to do all that I can to provide you with resin that is to the best of my knowledge properly cured. 

All traditional resins produced by Aspen Leaf Studios are hollow cast using Smooth Cast 300 or 305. Legs are re-enforced with wire. There may be flaws, and I will be repairing them with Apoxie sculpt (light gray color) or Bondo (red color) and sanding smooth any repaired areas. Please do not be worried about these colors - they're on purpose and not a strange resin chemical reaction!


I ship via FedEx Ground on all continental US orders fully insured as it provides full tracking and excellent reputation with any possible insurance claims. THIS MEANS NO PO BOX ADDRESSES WILL BE ACCEPTED. I will upgrade to FedEx Express at an additional charge if requested. I do not charge a handling fee, but I will add $5 for boxing and packing material. International, HI, and AK shipping will be via USPS with no insurance at exact cost plus the $5 packing material charge. USPS does not offer international insurance - once it leaves US soil insurance dissappears. I will ship overseas via UPS or FedEx at exact cost plus $5 packing material if requested.

Please keep in mind that I cannot be held responsible for the hundreds of hands these packages will go through. I make my very best effort to pack these pieces well enough to prevent breaking and damage, but stuff happens. And that stuff is out of my control. I am no longer liable for any piece once I have handed it to the carrier. That's what insurance claims are for and I will help you with providing any information you need to process an insurance claim.

Shipping to a Third Party (applies to unpainted resin sales only):

I will ship to third parties such as a finishing artist or a prepper. You need to send me the address of the person you want your resin shipped to when you order. Even if you think that I already have their address or the 3rd party is also getting the same resin. I have to record it on YOUR order, not theirs. I may not ship your resin and the 3rd party's resin together at the same time. Though your e-mail will be listed in FedEx's shipping notice for tracking purposes, you will need to be in contact with the 3rd party to ask them when the resin arrives. I am not responsible for it once it leaves me. If the 3rd party does not receive it, it is up to you and them to work it out and they will owe you for it.

If I do not have the address of the 3rd party when I am ready to ship your order, I will ship it to you. I cannot hold your resin here waiting for you to send me the address. That is why it is important that I have it right away and with your order. Please do not ask me to look up their address for your order. 

About Those Slots You've Commissioned:

While I try my best to get pre-ordered resins out to customers as best as I'm able, this can sometimes take a while. I will not guaranty a resin will be shipped in time for your slot with a booked prepper or artist and you need to have a backup horse for that artist to work on should the allotted time frame come upon you before your piece has shipped from here.


I do not repair my work if damage occurred from handling, wear and tear, negligent storage or display, or other careless treatment while out of my care. Damage resulting from other causes is subject to my discretion, and will be handled on a per-case basis.


Bidders must follow both the the rules of the auction site and those I state here on the policies page. Bids that deviate may be voided. You are obligated to purchase the piece in full as a condition of submitting a bid or offer; backing out will constitute a default and very likely will get any incoming bids from you blocked on future auctions/sales. The ending time of the auction will constitude the "time of sale" and all payment policies listed on this page will then apply.

Those who pre–sell the won piece before receiving it will bear all liability, including restitution (such as refunds and reimbursements), if my decisions affect the winning bid or high offer. I only accept payment from the winner and only ship the piece to the winner.

Technical glitches in the mailing list, email, or auction system aren’t eligible for restitution or remedy. I reserve the right to block incoming bids from those with low/negative feedback, or due to past actions.

If you default in any of the terms listed on this page, disappear, or exhibit behavior otherwise deemed “high maintenance,” your winning bid or high offer will be cancelled, and you will receive other appropriate penalties such as negative feedback and ID blocking. You may also be prohibited from submitting bids or high offers in my future offerings.


I will allow the use of photos of my work/pieces for sales and shows. Customization of resins sculpted by me is allowed (and please claim it as your own), though you may *not* reproduce/cast it in whole or in part. Finished pieces (such as those painted or glazed) may not be altered, cast, or otherwised changed or duplicated in whole or in part.





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