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Below are available sales pieces (if any). I usually have an unpainted resin edition available, though painted pieces are much harder to come by. I'll be adding bisque and glazed ceramics as I get them in stock here too. I sell a lot of items through my mailing list first so if you really don't want to miss out, I recommend joining.

Come see me at Artisans Gallery this July!

I'll be vending at AG at Breyerfest this year, and do hope you'll come by to see me! The goal is to have at least six painted Covergirl resins, several other painted/glazed pieces, and a table unto itself full of unpainted editions of mine. Below are the offerings I'll have and how/for what they'll be sold. You can click the images to be taken to their photo galleries for an early preview. I also hope to be far enough along with the new QH Stud sculpture to bring him for viewing as well.

*List is not comprehensive and will be added to up until I hit the road in July. If an "Images Coming Soon" thumbnail is shown, the piece is already nearly complete and photos will be incoming shortly.

Covergirl JS #1: Standard Chestnut. Silent Auction
Covergirl JS #2:Palomino Tobiano. Silent Auction.

Covergirl JS #3: Classic Champagne. Silent Auction.

Covergirl JS #5: B&W Homozygous Tobiano. Silent Auction.

Covergirl JS #6: Dappled Mahogany Bay. Silent Auction.

Covergirl JS #7: Dark Golden Liver Chestnut. Silent Auction.

Rajah AC #3: Liver Chestnut

Rajah AC #4: Bright Bay

Capriole1: Bay



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