Venti Uilleam
(produced by Aspen Leaf Studios)

Uilleam depicts a Clydesdale gelding roaring down the field, feathers and mane flying wildly in his joy. His name is the Scottish gaelic version of William as a nod to this breed's roots, and is pronounced 'ool' like cool and 'yum' like yummy. Clydesdales are famous in the States for pulling the Anheiser Bush wagons, though they started life as work horses in Scotland. Clydesdales should look handsome, weighty and powerful, but have a gaiety of carriage adn outlook. You can see in Uilleam's expression that gaiety. During my reasearch in sculpting Uilleam, I found that a general consensus existed in the overal appearance of the Clydesdale. That they should be narrow from the front view, and wide from the side view. These are not heavy draft horses, but more of the showier type with a lofty gait.

Uilleam was first released in 2014 in traditional scale. He's now been brought back in two new fun sizes! This Venit (1:20) scale is one of them and he stands roughly 4.5" tall x 7.5" long. Very slight modifications have been made to make sure all his detail translates in the tinier versions.

EDITION INFO: Venti Uilleam will be a somewhat open run, solid cast in resin by Aspen Leaf Studios. I want to try to take care of as many customers as I can, but will cap the edition if it heads into the few hundred category. The first batch, sold at BreyerFest will give me a good idea on if there will be a second sales batch or not.

PRICE: $300PPD within the continental US, and $325 PPDif shipping Int'l. A $50 non-refundable deposit per cast will be required up front to reserve your order, and there are no quantity limits! As usual, I am not accepting time payments. If you need payments, I accept credit cards and you can work them out with your bank. Due to this guy's popularity, it is very likely there will be a lengthy wait (many many months) before your cast(s) can be shipped. I highly recommend the deposit only vs. the paid in full so that I'm not holding your money all that time. Josie will be sending out invoicing for the balance when the cast(s) are ready to head out! Yes, payment does bump you up the line, but I'm just putting that note out there in case you don't like the idea of someone holding you payment that long prior to receiving stock.

By ordering this resin you agree to the terms listed on my Policies page

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to e-mail Josie!

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