Micro Uilleam
(produced by ALS)

Orders were taken for this edition during my Polychromatic Panoply event at BreyerFest 2021, July 15-18. This is now a closed edition and no new orders will be taken. Thank you!

This is the 1.5" tall and 2.75" long version of my galloping Clydesdale resin, Uilleam. He has been slightly modified to better suit the tiny scale. Due to a new piece of studio equipment, I'm able to offer this scale in 3D printed resin (not pewter as originally planned)! The casts are very clean and the detail holds beautifully. I love the idea of being able to control all quality and production times in studio. As such, while these are still pre-orders, I'm hoping to have orders fulfilled within a few months of ordering.

EDITION SIZE/INFO: This 3D printed edition will be an open order edition from July. 15th to July. 18th. Once those dates have passed, so has your window for ordering! I recommend not waiting until the last minute. ;)

PRICING/SHIPPING: Micro Uilleam was priced at $55 PPD in the US. International shipping will be extra. first class Int'l is still very expensive and the cheapest I can get you is +$25 for first class postage. A $15 non-refundable deposit per cast will be required up front to reserve your order, and there are no quantity limits! As usual, I am not accepting time payments. If you need payments, I accept credit cards and you can work them out with your bank.

PRICING NOTE!!! If you are one of the customers *still waiting* on your Micro Anise casts, you will receive a $5.00 per M.A. cast on your Micro Uilleam order. This is a stacking discount - if you bought four Micro Anises that haven't shipped yet, then you get $20 off your Micro Uilleam order if that's only for one cast or several.

Questions? Email Josie! info@aspenleafstudiosllc.com

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