(Sculpted by Kylee Parks, Produced in Fine Porcelain by ALS)

Tadpole, sculpted by Kylee Parks of Studio Thornrose, is a piece I knew had to be produced in china the moment I saw him. I contacted Kylee right away, having had a good relationship with her from previous projects. Honestly, at that point I was just encouraging her to produce in china through anyone and throwing information out at her. It just happened to end up where "anyone" became me lol. I am so very very excited about this!

Tadpole first made his debut as Toadstool, a drastically customized Wixom that Kylee entered in Breyer's Custom Contest at BreyerFest in 2017 - and won! He was a giant! Due to popular demand, Kylee asked Breyer's permission to cast Toadie. Permission was granted and before we knew it, Tadpole, a digitally scaned and shrunk version was released in large Classic scale resin. He is sold out, but you can view his edition info on Kylee's site. There's also at least one floating around in my finishwork galleries too.

With the exception of four bone china proofs cast by Animal Artistry for me, this piece is destined for Fine
Porcelain casting in house so I have full control over production schedules. The regular edition porcelain pieces
will also have a base for an elevated finished look, though I'll cast an off-base exception here and there. It'll be the same design as MEM No Inhabitions and Sencillo's bases. Regardless of clay, all glazework is done by myself
unless otherwise noted.

Tadpoles will all be sold as the custom glaze work by myself is completed. I work in hand-applied overglazes/china paints and can therefore get an amazing level of detail on these figurines. The edition is not limited in numbers, but as I am a one-woman shop, there will most likely only be a handful of these available every year so it will still be a rare edition.

Photos of an unglazed/bisque bone china can be seen by clicking on the image at the top of the page. The galleries of completed works are below.


AP #1:
Glossy Grulla

AP #2:
Glossy Palomino Tobiano

AP #3:
Satin Dappled Frosty Buttermilk Buckskin


Glossy Whiteware




Glossy Flaxen Chestnut

Glossy Light Bay





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